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Villa 20 is waiting to be called your new home. 

About to undergo renovation, you can secure it now choose from a mini-makeover, a semi-makeover or a full renovation. Contact Janelle to find out more, T 0408 259 278.


Located in the northern side of Kirkley Gardens, this beautiful villa has been occupied by the same couple for the last 17 years.


This property features a wonderful large garden area on both sides and is perfectly positioned to capture the best that Mother Nature provides.


To make Villa 20 your next home phone Janelle on 0408 259 278 for more information.

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At Kirkley Gardens you are buying a home not a house. And you become part of our locally owned and operated, boutique Over 55s Living community. 


If you want to make Kirkley Gardens your next home Contact us with any inquiries or phone Janelle on 0408 259 278 for more information.

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