“Seven months ago I was looking for my new home and found the wonderful community that is Kirkley Gardens. It has a lovely open plan, is not too crowded and has a friendly atmosphere. Right from day one, the other residents have included me and everyone is very friendly.”

Rosalie and Lesley 250px

Rosalie (left), Kirkley Gardens resident since 2018

“I moved here 19 years ago when Kirkley Gardens had just started and it was only three units! My wife and I bought the second unit. We both loved the design and layout of the units as they are really comfortable. Even 19 years later, it's still not too crowded and I love it still.”

Noel James 250px

Noel, Kirkley Gardens resident for 19 years

“I moved here 18 years ago from Wentworth Falls. I hadn't long lost my husband and wanted to move into something smaller. Living at Kirkley Gardens gives me independence, plus I don't have to worry about gardening and maintenance. It's so nice to just secure the house and head off to visit my family in Bathurst any time I want. I love it here and wouldn't have been here for 18 years if I didn't - I think that speaks for itself.”

Coral 250px

Coral, Kirkley Gardens resident for 18 years

“Hello, I’m David, at the end of November 2016 I moved into Kirkley Gardens and I am enjoying living in my comfortable spacious villa. I find the friendship and privacy is wonderful. The maintenance of the grounds and building is a burden I don’t have.
Shopping is enjoyable as you are welcomed and served with pleasure by the shopkeepers. I find the weather is not too hot; winter will be no colder than where I came from in Sydney. The rural and mountain views are wonderful. There are many places of interest to visit nearby.”

David Shepherd